Mess Monsters at Christmas

Christmas chaos, clutter, confusion, disarray, wreckage and shambles. Sound familiar? Manic Christmas fun with the best-selling Mess Monsters.

Mess Monsters bursting in through the door from the children's book, Mess Monsters at Christmas

More of the classic Mess Monsters formula, but just wonderful anyway.

Goodreads Reviewer

Now here's a rather nice and somewhat obscure children's christmas picture book that was nestled amongst a brace of fuzzy furry christmas animal titles in our fantastic local library. "Mess Monsters at Christmas" is a tale that children will absolutely love (because of the very naughty monsters) and adults will wholly identify with, particularly on christmas morning when the frenetic multi-tasking sees your otherwise pristine house turned into a wrapping-paper-covered sticky selection-box melted scene of utter devastation.

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